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In order to provide customers with the best combination of software and hardware solutions, LevantNet works with some of the best companies in the IT and banking sectors.

Engineering Informatica Italia SPA Business Partner

Engineering is a group of 13 companies specialized according to market segment or line of business. Operational autonomy, but also strong industrial synergy to interpret the needs of the market characterize Engineering's IT initiative. Coordination of activities, homogeneous transfer of the technological skills developed by the Research and Innovation Division, quality control and training are guaranteed at outstanding levels.

The Engineering Group operates 5 business units: Finance, Public Administration and Health, Utilities, Industry and Telecom; a Research & Innovation Division that constantly transfers the results of innovation, experimented and applied in the field and to the production cycle; a SAP ERP centre of competence with 420 specialists crosscutting all segments of the market and a network of vertical centers of competence internal to the business units on strategic areas; a European Data Center of managed operations at Pont Saint Martin, which today manages 100 customers; a portfolio of products and unique and exclusive proprietary solutions, created and implemented in house and exportable into different business contexts: banks and insurance companies, healthcare, collaborative CRM and field contacts, integrated platform for utilities, local fiscal requirements, solutions for automotive sector and Telco.
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