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Levant Doc 2.0 is an Enterprise Content Management solution. It designed to process any document type and manage document lifecycles on a user / task basis and on a multinational and interdepartmental basis. It is a multilingual application enabling smart interfacing / integration with more than one existing software at the Bank.

Main Modules

DouNet is the Centralized Document Management Repository of LEVANTDOC 2.0. It is designed with the aim of providing all needed tools in the creation / updating / definition / scanning / Life cycle / of a document. A document used by the bank is first categorized (Retail Loan Forms / Claims Forms ex; ATM, IT…/ BDL letters, etc).

Create different versions of document formats and content and tracks their history. Access Rights, control which users can change the Format / Content at a given time. Each Form must have among others the following fields associated with it; Creation Date / Revision or Version # / Prepared By / Approved By.

RiskNet is a powerful feature that offers the ability to secure a document based on a number of criterias. A security level is attributed to the document. As an example, possible values for the security status of a document are:
  •  Top Secret – Accessible only by the executive team
  •  Confidential – Accessible by the management team
  •  Internal – Accessible by all company employees
  •  Public – Accessible by all

FlowNet is the Work Flow Engine of LEVANTDOC 2.0. It allows the definition of the WorkFlowfor each document. For documents with similar Work Flows user may inheritattributes from pre defined routes.

EventNetis the event trigger matrix of LEVANTDOC 2.0. The administrator may decide to trigger sequentially or simultaneously one or a combination of Notification Messages(1. emails / 2. SMS's) or Authentication Verifications (1. biometric / 2. OTP one time SMS / 3. Supervisor Password Required)

2INet is the Integration + Interfacing (Data import / Export) module of LEVANTDOC 2.0. LEVANTDOC 2.0 integrates with Microsoft Office applications (Outlook and Word) so that users can manage documents, e-mail, and attachments that are within LEVANTDOC 2.0 directly from the associated office application. Interfacing allows importing data on a batch basis from existing applications in the bank. On line Data Interfacing for certain forms regarding default Data fields is possible to be done on a case by case with the Bank. LEVANTDOC 2.0 provides an extensible integration capability for calling any component from a workflow step. For example, from a step you can make several calls to a Java class that updates information in a corporate customer database.

The extensible model makes it possible to create connectors to various technologies.

LEVANTDOC 2.0 provides both Java adaptors and Java Message Service (JMS) adaptors.

MetricsNetis a tool that provides Upper Management / Head of Organization ability to measure / monitor actual time per business process and allows bank to improve / analyze reasons for delays.

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