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Levant Note scans banknotes and retrieves via OCR all denominations and serial numbers. The latter will be matched with a database containing all suspicious or fraudulent serials of banknotes.

Key Features
  • OCR can be perform either for each payment or each End Of Day
  • Scan Bank Notes along with entering all useful information like Account Number, Customer Name, Depositary Name, etc.
  • Reports can be generated and printed like: All serial numbers scanned / branch / date, all fraudulant bank notes with all related information.

  • Multicurrency system (USD, LBP and EUR) - can be suited to more currencies if needed.
  • Can be used with two types of scanners: Cheques scanners with speed up to 90 dpm or regular scanners with speed up to 250 dpm.
  • Read both serial numbers of scanned banknotes in order to minimize manual input for unread banknotes. It also offers the possibility for a second OCR for that purpose.
  • Multiple testing criteria : suspected banknotes, fraudulent banknotes, banknotes scanned before. Tests are done against a centralized database containing the serials.
  • Scan a mixed batch of different denominations (5, 10, 20, 50, 100 USD) without sorting the bills and get the totals / bill + volume of bills / denomination.

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