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Checks Printing and Clearing Document Management and Archiving. Banking Security / Biometrics Bank Note Traceability Bankers Signatories
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For more than a decade, LEVANTNET has been improving and refining its products to deliver complete suits for banks

Our products list is:
  • Checks Printing and Clearing.
  • Document Management and Archiving.
  • Banking Security/Biometrics.
  • Bank Note Traceability.
  • Bankers Signatories

  • Checks Printing and Clearing.
LEVANTNET is the only company in Lebanon and the Middle East mastering all stages in a check life going from printing to the teller up, to the clearing and archiving systems at the back office. We are Leaders of checks related solutions in Lebanon where more than 200 Million checks were printed, read, sorted on systems provided by LEVANTNET.

  • Document Management and Archiving.
LEVANTNET Enterprise Content Management solution is designed to process any document type, manage its lifecycles and publish it on a user / task basis and on a multinational and interdepartmental basis.

  • Banking security/ Biometrics
Biometrics allows you to replace "what you have" and "what you know" security adages with the all important "who you are" specially since the Fraudsters are taking advantage of bank reliance on single-factor authentication for remote access to online banking and the lack of e-mail and Web site authentication to perpetrate account hijacking identity theft.

  • Bank Note Traceability
The counterfeit BankNote menace has reached alarming proportions and is today a key concern for banks and governments. Levant Note is used to trace the bank note and retrieves denominations and serial number to be validated against fraudulent serials.

  • Bankers Signatories
Levant Web Signature is a JAVA based solution specially designed for banks. It enables banks users to share their authorized Signatories within the bank and with their correspondent banks through the web. In fact, correspondent banks or anyone given the right to access the application can view the signatures one by one, save all signatures to PDF document or download the Signatories Book of the bank.
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