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Levant Bio is the first biometric solution to offer a multi biometric platform (finger + face + palm) designed to allow financial institutions to "Enroll Once / Use Many ".

Trigger of Biometric Verification:
We are proposing to secure your applications down to three levels:
  • Application Login: When a user wants to log himself into the application, he will need to verify his biometric identity to access the application.
  • Embedded: Biometric security can be prompted also within any application for any special rule for numeric fields and at the click of any button.
  • SSO (Single Sign On): A single biometric verification can enable you to access the applications you desire to be SSO enabled.
Biometric verification can also be used to identify clients while they are still in teller lines.

Multi Biometric Engines:
  • Voice
  • Key Stroke

  • Fingerprints
  • Face
  • Palm Veins

Key Features:
  • Employee / Client simultaneous Verification
  • LDAP Authentication and Synchronization
  • Multiple Authentication for Joint Accounts
  • Biometric security types sequencing / Fingers and palm sequencing
  • Backup plan and DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)

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