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Levant Clearing is a full system covering all checks compensation phases from the moment the check is submitted at the teller line till its value reaches the beneficiary account.

Key Features:
  • Sorting and Scanning for Incoming and Outgoing Checks
  • Dual MICR / OCR Reading for each check
  • Manual Reading Correction
  • Check Approval / Rejection
  • Check Postmarking
  • Check Endorsment
  • Report Printing (Tailored to suit your needs)
  • Interface with existing systems (core banking, signature verification, etc.)
  • Multi-user sessions (clearing staff, audit)

  • Double Security on checks by decrypting a data matrix barcode printed on any part of the check
  • Access rights designed to cover all possible banking policies (right given or denied from the menu / screen level down to the button level)
  • Every single click in the application is logged for future audit

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