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Levant Archive Banking is the document archiving solution of LevantNet for the banking industry. It is designed for the Lebanese Banking practice with a focus on the security of the system to conform to the Banking Secrecy Law. It can be adapted to a variety of work scenarios to suit the existing procedures in the bank.

Document Capture:
Levant Archive Banking is made of independent modules each designed to archive a specific department / activity of the bank. These modules allow a distributed capturing of the images in their respective departments. Daily documents produced in the branches can be either captured on a centralized or decentralized basis. Data indexes and corresponding images are saved on a local PC or on a central server.

A modular approach:
Levant Archive Banking allows the bank to archive all its departments over the time period it chooses. When grouped, these building blocks will add to act as a central archive warehouse. Access to these documents can be easily controlled with the access rights allocated to each user.

Available Modules:
  • Department
  • Head Office
  • ATM machines
  • Credit files
  • Personnel
  • Checks (Incoming/Outgoing)
  • Legal files
  • Correspondent Banks
  • Securities (mortgages, insurance policies, etc.)

Manual Indexing:
The user can enter indexes before or after papers are fed in the scanner. These indexes will serve to search for the scanned document.

OCR Indexing:
Zonal OCR can be created provided print quality is high and print is at a specific location.

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