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Levant Web Signature is a solution that enables banks to share their authorized Signatories within the same bank and with their correspondent banks via the web.

Signature Lifecycle:
  • Signatories Book (SB) Formatting
  • Signatures Scanning (Arabic and Latin)
  • Internal Approval on signatures
  • and any modification to the SB
  • Chamber of Commerce Approval on signatures
  • Batch Management of Amendments made on the SB
  • Signatories Book printing, viewing or saving to PDF
  • Archiving old signatures

New Security Technologies:
  • LDAP authentication
  • Biometric Security: fingerprint authentication
  • SMS Notification
  • Signature Pad Verification: verify signature shape, pen pressure and time

Enhanced Features:
  • Handbooks History
  • Multiple Scanner Pages Setup
  • Manipulation of Third Party Signatures
  • One Pass Capture
  • Access rights from screen to button level
  • Automatic Validation of Banking Policies

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